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Kimberley Clark

At Kimberly|Clark Professional*, we understand that the challenges our customers face every day, affect every aspect of their organisations. And the decisions they make, have an impact on the working lives of everyone they work with. We're here every step of the way | understanding our customers' needs, backing their choices and providing them with solutions that enable people to be safer, healthier and more productive.

It means our customers can enjoy the reassurance that comes with having a global provider as their partner. We make a point of knowing our customers' businesses | allowing them to do their jobs, so that everyone they work with can concentrate on doing theirs.

Our customers use our solutions everywhere from office buildings, schools, hotels, healthcare facilities and food preparation areas to laboratories, processing plants and manufacturing environments. Whatever the industry, wherever they are, together we make a difference right across their business.

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Kimberley Clark Cotton Buds Long-Stem 150mm - 100pcs
  • $ 6.60
  • Availability : In Stock Order before 2pm - Dispatch same day
  • KIMWIPES - PREP Pop Up Wipes
  • Kimberley Clark
  • Open Sans", sans-serif; font-size: 13px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);" Kimtech PREP KIMTEX Pop-Up 40 Wipers Blue (KC4130) | Kimberly Clark Professional Open Sans"...
  • $ 21.13
  • Availability : In Stock Order before 2pm - Dispatch same day
Kimwipes - Small (280 Wipes Per Box)
  • $ 8.25
  • Availability : In Stock Order before 2pm - Dispatch same day
KIMTECH 28645 Aviation C3 Wipers
  • KIMTECH 28645 Aviation C3 Wipers
  • Kimberley Clark
  • Code : JBG.KC28645
  • Kimtech® cleaning aviation wipes are engineered to meet the precision standards of aviation cleaning tasks. These C3 cleaning wipes are designed to be anti-static, low lin...
  • $ 22.00
  • Availability : Out of Stock Call for a delivery estimate