Backdrops & Photo Backgrounds


For a clean and uncluttered look, backdrops provide a simple solution. At John Barry Sales, we stock a range of high quality options, ideally suited to professional photographic and video applications, retail displays and exhibitions.


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Choosing your backdrop

Paper, PVC, fabric, colours , blacks, whites, greys or green screen… the choice is yours. Use this guide to help decide what's most appropriate for you.;

Background paper 

Background paper rolls are a studio staple, providing a clean uncluttered background in a range of colours at an affordable price. Paper rolls can be considered a consumable item, allowing soiled or damaged paper to be torn off and quickly replaced

PVC backgrounds 

Vinyl backgrounds such as Colorama Colorgloss or Colormatt are more durable than paper, can be exposed to liquids or moisture and are easily wiped down.Primarily intended for product photography or small scale still life, Colorgloss and Colormatt Backgrounds are sized 1m x 1.3m.

Graduated backgrounds 

Graduated backgrounds create an illusion of depth. Also fabricated from vinyl and intended for product photography or still life, Colorama Colorgrad is available in rolls measuring 1.1m x 1.7m

Velour backgrounds 

With excellent light absorbing qualities, black velour fabric is particularly suited to low key lighting setups. Paper backed for easy handling, it allows for simple creation of a smooth infinity curve.

Green screens

Chromakey green screen backgrounds allow an image or video to be keyed into the background during post-production or live streaming. Options include paper rolls, vinyl or framed textile kits such as the Manfrotto Studiolink or MLBG4301KG kits.