Backdrops & Photo Backgrounds


Backdrops are an essential piece of equipment for any film crew or photographer. But not all photo backgrounds are created equal. At John Barry Sales, we offer a variety of different greenscreens and photo backdrops to choose from.

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Choosing your backdrop

The backdrop you select for your next shoot will largely depend on your budget, what you need, and where you’re going. Use this guide to decide which type is right for you. 

Background paper 

If you’re looking for a simple backdrop that isn’t too expensive and can easily be put up and down, background paper is the right choice. These disposable rolls of paper are perfect for film and television sets, but also work well in window displays or at exhibitions. 

We carry a variety of different colours, so you can choose the backdrop that matches the vibe of your shoot or display. Be sure to purchase a Kupo Background Paper Drive Set to make it easy to hang your background paper. 

PVC photo backgrounds 

For a higher quality backdrop that won’t create wrinkles or waves in the breeze, PVC photo backgrounds are the way to go. The Colorama Colorgloss has a deep glossy finish, while our Colormatt options have a matt surface and come in a range of colours (including greenscreen). 

Graduated backgrounds 

Graduated photo backgrounds feature a color gradient—such as white to aquamarine—allowing you to add more vibrancy and depth to your photoshoot. All of our options are 100x170cm—perfect for photoshoots that need a background that pops while still accentuating the models or actors in front of it. 

Velour backgrounds 

Need a background that won’t distract from the subject of your photography or film shoot? Velour backgrounds are the ideal option for a low-key, high-class photo shoot. These backgrounds absorb light to make the subject stand out, and their paper backing gives them a smooth infinity curve. 

Vinyl Backgrounds

For a no-fuss backdrop, vinyl backgrounds are a great option. They’re both durable and versatile, and we carry a variety of sizes depending on what sort of shoot you’re undertaking.