Warranty Information

John Barry Equipment Warranty

John Barry Sales extends the warranty conditions as scheduled by the product manufacturer. Please review the warranty on the manufacturer's website. 

The Warranty period starts from the date of invoice, and shall be effective until warranty period expires. 

Where not stated, John Barry Sales will provide 1-year (12 months) warranty for other equipment items, with exception of the following goods and services: 

  • Cables (custom made & stock) - 3 months.
  • Audio & Video media - 3 months.
  • Consumable items - 3 months.

Should you have any questions regarding our equipment warranty conditions, please contact us.

If you would like to make a warranty claim, please complete our warranty form

John Barry Warranty Claims

All warranty claims must be made in writing within the warranty period (from date of invoice). On receipt of your item, the warranty conditions will be assessed by our technicians prior to approving the warranty claim. 

John Barry Sales will repair warranted items to the specifications of the manufacturer. We service and repair in-house for all brands imported by John Barry Sales, and will arrange sublet repair for locally sourced products. 

Equipment exchanges will only be offered on approval from the manufacturer, and are subject to the manufacturer’s return schedule. 

John Barry Warranty Policy

  1. The Company warrants that Goods manufactured by it are free from fault and defects, notwithstanding that the Goods may have been sold by description or sample, the Goods shall be accepted by the Customer even though alterations in design or construction have been generally introduced by the Company or its Suppliers between the date of the contract and delivery of the Goods.
  2. The period of the warranty given shall:
  3. The warranty shall be limited to the replacement or repair at the option of the Company of any defective Goods and of such parts of the Company's Goods as have been damaged in consequence of the defect despite proper treatment. Parts replaced will not be returned.
  4. Claims under this warranty will be considered only if made in writing immediately such claim arises. Repair or replacement shall not extend nor renew the warranty period. The Goods shall be returned to the Company postage or freight prepaid. The Company does not accept responsibility for expenses of freight, packing, disassembly, mounting and travelling expenses for a technician and charges of a similar nature.
  5. Without limiting the generality of these terms of delivery this warranty shall not apply to Goods:-
  6. In the case of materials, parts or Goods not manufactured by the Company the Customer shall be entitled only to the benefit of any warranty given to the Company by the Manufacturer in respect thereof.
  • Commence from the date of delivery of the Goods.
  • Be as stipulated in our quotation.
  • If the Goods sold are repaired or altered by any third party without the consent of the Company.
  • Where parts not manufactured or sold by the Company are used in any replacement or repair.
  • If the Goods are not used with proper care and for the purpose for which they are sold and in accordance with any specified instructions for use.
  • If changes occur in the condition or operational qualities of the Goods due to incorrect storage or mounting or to climatic or other influence. In respect of faulty construction or defects due to the use of unsuitable materials if such method of construction or use of material has been specified by the Customer.
  • In respect of varnish and enamel damages.
  • In respect of the replacement of parts when such replacement of parts is part of normal maintenance, service or normal wear and tear.