If you have any experience working with cameras, you know how important lighting is to any shoot. 

When it comes to professional film and television sets, crews will use a wide variety of high-tech lighting equipment to capture just the right look and tone for the scene they’re filming. 

But some of the most effective equipment is really quite simple—so simple that vloggers and amateur videographers can use it to transform their everyday lighting into something spectacular. 

This is where LEE filters come in handy. For over 50 years, film and lighting experts have used these “Masters of Light” to enhance and improve their video capture. 

As the only dealer of LEE filters in Australia, we know a thing or two about these powerful pieces of lighting equipment. This article will give you everything you need to know to start using these powerful pieces of equipment for your next shoots. 

How do LEE filters work? 

You may have heard of LEE filters before, if you are familiar with photography. The company also makes filters that can be fitted onto a camera for photo shoots—but in this article, we’re talking about how LEE filters work with lighting transformation. 

LEE filters come in a vast array of colours, each intended to bring a different tone and feel to the scene you are lighting. The colors you pick depend on how you want your shoot to look—whether you’re going for a gritty urban dystopian scene, or simply want to look fresh and relaxed as you talk to the camera. 

The filters themselves are coloured squares that fit over the lights you are already using. Once fitted, the lighting will be transformed until the filter is removed. Most filters can be used multiple times, and there are even some special filters, known as LEE Zircon, that are ideal for working with LED lights. 

Choosing the right LEE filter

With so many LEE filter colours to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones to get first. The question depends on what kind of shoot you’re doing, and what kind of tone you want to set. 

For example, the bright blue LEE filter is perfect for scenes that are meant to take place at night, because of the way it sets a moonlit ambiance. On the flip side, the LEE Plus Green filter is perfect for daytime shoots, and gives a pleasant green cast to the lighting. 

If you want a cool, romantic tone to something you’re shooting, the 700 Perfect Lavender LEE Filter sheet will be a perfect match. But if you want a sunset effect, or you’re just looking for a nice warm wash to your set, you can’t go wrong with the Sunset Red LEE filter.

As you can see, the choices are nearly endless when it comes to finding the right LEE filter for your lighting. But no matter what you need, you’ll find the LEE Filter that’s right for you here at John Barry Sales. 

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