Quality Film and Audio Consumables For On Set

Quality film and audio equipment is paramount to the success of your shoot. That's why you need access to the best of the best, whether it's camera equipment you intend to reuse indefinitely or consumable goods you might use once or twice.

Don't skimp on your consumables -- look to John Barry's selection of supplies to help you get the job done professionally.

We supply everything ranging from markers and pens to aerosol cleaning products, all selected with your professional needs in mind.

Additionally, our staff of highly trained and experienced audio and visual professionals intuitively understand that it's the small things that count -- things you might not always think of when planning your shoot. Fortunately, John Barry can help you fill in the gaps with our selection of bags, batteries, blankets, cable ties, cleaning products, clips, dulling spray, eyepiece covers, flash cards, foil wrap, kino flo tubes, lamp tungsten & HMI, markers and pens, paper, folders, rigging gloves, shot & marker bags, gloves, and torches.

Order from our carefully curated selection online, or stop by one of our showrooms in Melbourne or Sydney.