DoF Viewer for iPad & iPhone

Aperature range can be adjusted in 1/3 f-stop increments
Figure 1

Users of Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad gadgets who want to get the most of the imaging features of their professional cameras should get the DoF Viewer v1.3, a universal application for all three gadgets.

Developed by French programmer Arnaud Kerchhoeve, the 3rd generation app is designed to run on iOS 4.0 gadgets or later and is available from the App Store. Taking up only 1.2 MB of executable storage space, DoF Viewer displays and calculates the depth of field (DoF) of any subject you plan to shoot with your camera. It also calculates the near and far focal boundaries for acceptable image sharpness along with the hyperfocal distance.
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John Barry – What's in our name?

John Barry is an acclaimed cinematographer and founder of the John Barry Group
John Barry is an acclaimed cinematographer and founder of the John Barry Group

Our company is named after John Barry. Mention the name and most people remember the late Oscar winning Hollywood film music composer of the James Bond classic theme. Few would associate the name with photography and cinematography. But yes, there’s a John Barry who is just as revered and with over 65 years of prominence in the imaging industry behind film and television.

Born in Melbourne in 1927, John Barry got his formal education in photography and cinematography at the Melbourne Institute of Technology. He started his career in 1944-45 when he joined the Dutch Government Film Unit (NIGIS) in Melbourne. He then became a cameraman for the Charles E. Blanks Theatre Advertising in Sydney while working as a freelancer for the Westralian Newsreel.
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