In the captivating realm of cinema, short films have a unique power to distill profound emotions, tell compelling stories, and showcase the brilliance of emerging filmmakers. One such celebration of cinematic brevity is the Flickerfest International Short Film Festival. As a beacon for innovative storytelling and a launchpad for aspiring filmmakers, Flickerfest has illuminated the global film landscape since its inception. In 2024, for the 11th consecutive year, John Barry Sales is proudly sponsoring the prestigious prize for Best Cinematography at Flickerfest’s 33rd International Short Film Festival.
This longstanding partnership highlights our commitment to supporting and recognising exceptional talent in the world of filmmaking. We are dedicated to celebrating the artistry and innovation that goes into creating outstanding cinematography. 
We look forward to witnessing the incredible visual storytelling showcased at this year’s festival and are honoured to contribute to the recognition of outstanding achievements in cinematography.
Thank you for joining us in celebrating the magic of storytelling through the lens!

Origins and Evolution

Founded in 1991 by Bronwyn Kidd, Flickerfest began as a small local event in Sydney, Australia. Over the years, it has grown exponentially, earning its reputation as one of the premier short film festivals worldwide. What started as a one-night affair has evolved into a multi-day extravaganza attracting filmmakers, industry professionals, and film enthusiasts from around the globe.

Venue and Atmosphere

Held annually at the iconic Bondi Pavilion, Flickerfest takes advantage of its picturesque coastal location, providing a cinematic experience like no other. The festival’s beachside setting adds a touch of magic, creating an intimate and relaxed atmosphere that perfectly complements the diverse array of short films showcased.

Film Selection and Categories

Flickerfest boasts an eclectic selection of short films, carefully curated to showcase the best and most innovative works in the global short film landscape. The festival features a wide range of categories, including International, Australian, and Documentary shorts, as well as dedicated showcases for animation and LGBTQI+ films. This diversity ensures that there’s something for every taste, providing a platform for filmmakers to experiment with different genres and styles.

Industry Connection and Awards

Beyond its role as a celebration of film, Flickerfest serves as a vital platform for networking and industry connection. Filmmakers not only get the chance to showcase their work but also to interact with industry professionals, potential collaborators, and fellow filmmakers. The festival’s awards ceremony recognizes outstanding achievements in various categories, further propelling filmmakers into the global spotlight.

Flickerfest as a Launchpad

For many filmmakers, Flickerfest serves as a crucial stepping stone in their careers. Winning an award or having a film showcased at Flickerfest can significantly boost a filmmaker’s visibility and open doors to further opportunities in the industry. As a result, the festival has become a launchpad for many successful careers in the world of film.

Community Engagement and Educational Initiatives

Flickerfest is not only about showcasing films but also about engaging with the community and nurturing the next generation of filmmakers. The festival hosts workshops, panel discussions, and educational programs, providing aspiring filmmakers with valuable insights and skills to navigate the competitive world of cinema.


In the realm of short films, Flickerfest stands as a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the boundless creativity within the global filmmaking community. With its commitment to diversity, innovation, and community engagement, the festival continues to illuminate the cinematic landscape, ensuring that the magic of short films continues to captivate audiences for years to come. Flickerfest is not merely a festival; it is a celebration of the art of storytelling, a platform for emerging talent, and a testament to the enduring power of film to connect, inspire, and transform.