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X-Rite is a global company with locations around the world. Experts in blending the art and science of color, we focus on providing complete end-to-end color management solutions for our clients in every industry where color matters. 


Shoot for ideal color and control, faster than ever before. X-Rite’s video solutions help filmmaking professionals achieve an accurate, consistent workflow, from pre-production through final editing. ColorChecker Video Targets will get you to a color balanced and consistently neutral place with ideal camera exposure, while our i1 monitor calibration tools will help you achieve true on-screen color for worry-free corrections.

Ensure you're capturing, viewing, and producing color accurately. X-Rite calibrating and profiling solutions span photo and videography equipment, monitors, scanners, printers, and more.

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x-rite Colour Checker Classic
  • x-rite Colour Checker Classic
  • Achieve true-to-life image color reproduction The ColorChecker Classic target is designed to deliver true-to-life color reproduction so photographers c...
  • x-rite
  • Code : PANA.CALIBR8
  • $ 143.00
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  • Availability : Order before 2pm - Dispatch same day
x-rite Colour Checker Passport Video
  • x-rite Colour Checker Passport Video
  • Color Balance and Control for Filmmaking – from Shoot to Edit Get to your creative look faster! Achieving the proper color balance and exposu...
  • x-rite
  • $ 247.50
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  • Each
  • Availability : Order before 2pm - Dispatch same day