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Browse our wide range of durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective adhesive tapes. 

Adhesive tapes from John Barry

Is there any tool more versatile than tape? Though they may seem simple, adhesive tapes are essential items for many businesses—not to mention, everyone needs a few rolls of different types of adhesive tapes at home as well. 

John Barry Sales offers the best adhesive tapes for people working in the film and television industry, but you’ll find our products are suitable for nearly anyone working in any business that requires tape.

Understand the different kind of adhesive tapes

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Understanding the different types of adhesive tapes

Not all adhesive taps are the same. As you browse our products above, you’ll see that the different types of tape we carry offer different advantages depending on what sort of project you’re working on. 

Our most versatile adhesive tapes are found in our Paper Tape section. You’ve probably used tape like this (often called masking tape) many times before—but have you ever used paper tape in such vibrant colours as hot pink or bright yellow? These rolls are particularly useful if you’re working on a project where you need to be able to see what you’ve taped. Of course, if you really want something you’ve taped to stand out, you can’t go wrong with our range of fluoro tape

Our double-sided tape is ideal if you need to attach something flushly to another surface—such as taping up a piece of poster board or affixing something to a door frame or wall. We offer double-sided adhesive tapes in all shapes and colors (including clear), so you have plenty of options when browsing for the perfect roll.

Specialty tapes from John Barry 

If you’re looking for adhesive tape that’s more than just your ordinary peel and stick, check out our range of specialty tapes

For example, if you need a strong adhesive tape that won’t stain your walls or strip away paint, then you should invest in a roll of Joe’s Sticky Stuff—a product that began in the film industry and is now a popular household item. 

We also offer adhesive tapes that can help you with safety. Our Gafftac Glow Tape can mark off steps or obstacles in dark places, or you can use Stylus 210 Safety Tape in yellow and black to clearly delineate hazards. 

Don’t get stuck in a tough spot—John Barry is here to make sure you always have access to the adhesive tape you need, no matter what your project calls for.