Anton Bauer VCLX NM2 NiMH 600Wh Free-Standing Battery

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Anton Bauer VCLX NM2 NiMH 600Wh Free-Standing Battery


For long-lasting power, the Anton Bauer VCLX NM2 NiMH 600Wh Free-Standing Battery has dual 14.4V outputs and single switchable 28/48V output, providing a single solution that can handle a wide variety of camera needs. This 600 NiMH battery provides dual simultaneous outputs and is ideal for high-current applications. Power output is via two 4-pin XLR connectors for 14.4V and one 3-pin XLR connector for 28/48V output.

This battery connects to the VCLX 2 charger (not included) and has an onboard computer that continuously communicates with the charger for maximum power efficiency. Exchanged information includes the battery age, self-discharge, charge/discharge rate, cell imbalance, and previously experienced charge/discharge cycles. Also built into the battery is an LCD screen that accurately displays the remaining battery capacity percentage at all times.


The battery features two 4-pin XLR outputs f14.4V, one 3-pin XLR output that is switchable between 28 and 48V, and one 5V USB Type-A output that supports up to 2A.


Microprocessor Fuel Computer
Accurately monitors the energy put into and taken out of the battery. This data is processed with sophisticated programs that take into account battery age, self-discharge, charge/discharge rate, cell imbalance, and previously experienced charge/discharge cycles. The battery constantly "learns" its precise state of charge and remaining capacity. This data is automatically transmitted to the charger.


Integral RealTime LCD
Provides a monitor for user interaction and three tactile buttons for menu navigation. It accurately displays the percentage of remaining battery capacity at all times.


Multi-Voltage Output
The multi-voltage output—14.4, 28, and 48V—makes this battery the perfect application for film cameras, monitors, lights, and many more accessories.


High-Current Output
Allows for 24 total amp current drawn from 14.4V outputs and 16A draw from 28V output. When set to 48V, the outputs support a draw of up to 12A.


Case Design
Anodized lightweight aluminum chassis and bolted aluminum handle with durable overmolded elastomer end caps and handle grip. VCLX NM2 battery protects the cells from impact and normal operating use.


This battery connects to the optional VCLX 2 charger and, using an advanced charge algorithm, allows the fastest charge on the block battery market. Information such as the product ID, learned capacity, cycle count, time-stamped errors, condition of the battery packs, and more is viewable either on the VCLX or through Anton Bauer's Fleet Management program, made possible by the built-in Wi-Fi.


Individual Computer Testing
Like all professional Anton Bauer batteries, this battery has been individually computer tested for assurance of optimum capacity, voltage, and overall quality.


Low-Voltage Cutoff
The battery has a low-voltage cutoff to protect against damage to the battery. The low voltage cut-off is set to 12V.


Fuses and Management
Smart electronic fuses controlled internally will prompt a warning on the LCD and automatically reset and self-heal when the battery detects it is safe to do so.? This event is also recorded internally with date and time stamp for reviewing via Fleet Management.

600Wh NiMH Battery
Two 4-Pin XLR; 14.4V/12A Each Output
One 3-Pin XLR; 28V/16A or 48V/12A
12 to 17 VDC Variable Output
Regulated 5 VDC Output
Integrated Digital Features
Onboard RealTime 2.4” color LCD with smart screen
Low-Voltage Cutoff

12A, 16A or 24A continuous draw
Flight safe NiMH Chemistry
2x XLR4 at 14.4V
1x XLR3 Selectable 28V 16A or 48V 12A
1x 5V, 2A (USB)
5 hour charge time

Water resistant to 215.9mm
Firmware update by USB
Silent thermal design
Internal Wi-Fi for Fleet Management
Self healing fuses

ChemistryNickel Metal Hydride
Capacity600 Wh
Max load700 W
Power tapNo
Weight13.30 kg
Height255 mm
Width330 mm
Depth153 mm
XLR ConnectorYes
XLR InputsYes
Camera Interface2 X 4-Pin XLR (14.4v), 1 X 3-Pin XLR (28v or 48V)
Max current24 Amps
Warranty2 years
Accessories visible on product image are not included
Can I fly with the VCLX NM2?
Yes the VCLX NM2 is a NiMH battery and can be taken as hand luggage or placed into the hold of an aircraft. Because it is a NiMH battery there is no need to discharge it so it will be at 100% charged and ready to go when you get off your flight.

How long does it take to charge the VCLX NM2?
The VCLX NM2 charges from 0 to 100% in 5 hours

Is the VCLX IP rated?
The VCLX NM2 is not IP rated. However the base of the VCLX is water resistant

What power outputs does the VCLX NM2 have?
The VCLX NM2 has 2 x 4-pin XLR for 14.4v, 1 x 3-pin XLR for 28v or 48V and a USB A port. These provide 48VDC at a continuous 12A, 28VDC at a continuous 16A and 10-17 V at a continuous 24A

What information can I get from the VCLX NM2?
This gives the rental houses access to Product ID, Learned Capacity, Cycle count, XLR outputs (V,A) condition of the battery packs, time stamped error/fault reports all in an Excel file format. The unit can either connect to the Rental house WiFi and upload this data to their network or the data can be downloaded on a USB stick

How do I discharge the VCLX NM2?
There is no need to discharge the VCLX.

Can I connect multiple units?
Yes, with an official Anton Bauer combiner unit.
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