John Barry Service Department

The John Barry team are all highly trained and experienced in film and television, with extensive product knowledge. Get more mileage from your video and audio equipment by booking regular servicing. 

We can repair your equipment whilst it's under warranty, and we offer reasonable rates on repairs for services for out of warranty components as well.

Please visit our Warranty Information page for further details.

If you would like to speak to someone in our Service Department, please call us on (02) 8437 5536 or email us


Repair Type

Minimum Charge

Digital Cameras

and accessories

$97.50 per half hour

Film Cameras

and accessories

$97.50 per half hour


All optical devices and accessories

$97.50 per half hour

Audio - Electronic

Recorders, Mixers & All RF Devices

$90.00 per half hour


Tripods, Fluid Heads, Stands, Boom Poles/Arms

$75.00 per half hour

Audio, RF & Power Cables

Cable manufacture and microphone terminations

$65.00 per half hour

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pdficon_small John Barry Service Terms and Conditions 2018

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Need to organise a courier to return your repair ?

Here are some suggestions you may like to check out Sendle  Parcel2Courier 

Please note; John Barry Sales is not affiliated with these courier services. Please ensure your item is packed & protected sufficiently & covered by insurance, John Barry Sales is not responsible for damage incurred during transit

John Barry Service and Repairs Department


Terms & Conditions of Service

  1. For the most efficient turnaround and response, please send items for service/repair directly to ‘John Barry Service, Unit 1, 706 Mowbray Road, Lane Cove, NSW 2066’. Please communicate via Ph: 02 8437 5911 or Email: - Our other locations and departments will not have information regarding your repair.

  2. All freight charges to and from ‘John Barry Service, Unit 1, 706 Mowbray Road, Lane Cove, NSW 2066’, whether for warranty work or not are payable by the customer and may not be included in our quotation.

  3. We accept no responsibility for and may dispose of completed jobs that are left for more than 90 days after notification has been given for payment or collection.

  4. A minimum quotation charge of half an hour at the applicable labour rate* may apply per item where a quote is requested. If more time is required to dismantle equipment for quotation the actual number of hours taken will determine the charge for quotation. NOTE: If an insurance quotation is not accepted then paying the quotation charge becomes the responsibility of the customer.

  5. All care will be taken however no responsibility accepted for fire, theft or damage to goods while in our possession.

  6. Account customers have 30-day terms of payment. All other customers must pay prior to delivery or collection.

  7. Quotations are valid for 30 days only.

  8. Due to the complexity of some equipment, if during the course of the repair it is found that additional parts or labour are required then we reserve the right to adjust the quote.

  9. Due to the variety of products we repair and the urgency with which they are required back, we endeavour to complete work within a 1-3 week timeframe. However please be aware that more time may be required in situations where parts are not available, workload is unexpectedly heavy, or if testing determines other faults.

  10. Failure to sign and complete this form with enough relevant information may incur an additional administration fee.