Pelican Cases

Pelican cases are among the top choices for industry professionals who want to keep their equipment safe and protected. Browse our range of pelican cases below to find the right option for you.

Why choose pelican cases?

Keeping your equipment in top condition is of utmost importance—especially when you’re transporting it from one location to the next, or keeping it in storage between shoots. 

Camera and lighting professionals love pelican cases for their durability and versatility. The cases protect your equipment from any bumps or accidental damage, while also keeping the equipment safe from the elements.

All Pelican cases are watertight and incredibly strong, meaning you won’t have to worry about your lighting equipment or camera when it’s packed away. The Pelican foam sets inside each case keeps them protected, preventing any wear and tear or breakage. 

Many Pelican products come with wheels and handles as well, for easy transportation.  If you’re specifically looking for a Pelican case you can take with you on planes or long journeys, check out our range of Pelican luggage, some of which can even be used as a carry-on.  

Pelican cases also make it easy to stay organised and keep track of your equipment. Each case is specially designed with compartments and pockets to perfectly store the equipment you bring on set, from your simple gaffer tape to your high-end cameras and drones

We offer a wide variety of pelican cases, so you can find the right product for what you need. Whether you’re looking for a simple Pelican backpack you can carry with you wherever you go, or larger transport cases for more heavy-duty storage and travel, you’ll find a good fit here at John Barry Sales.