Manfrotto Lighting

Manfrotto Lighting Supports

Manfrotto offers the widest and most professional choice of lighting support solutions to serve the photographic, broadcast and entertainment industries.

The company’s unrivalled experience combines revolutionary concepts and innovative design with advanced production technology, ensuring quality products that are unmatched for performance and value.

Every studio and location requirement, from lighting support and control suspension, answered by Manfrotto’s comprehensive range of Stands, Clamps, Arms, Lighting Booms, Autopole System, Background Support Systems, Sky Track System, Still Life Tables.

Safety is a priority for Manfrotto: all equipment is designed to meet international regulations such as DIN 15560, TÜV, CE and ISO standards.

Examples of safety features include cranks that cannot unwind, captive lock|off knobs, rust proof dachromatic treated sockets, high efficiency wheel brake shoes, rock|solid stand locking collars which ensure all|weather operation and first class quality components in steel, stainless steel, aluminum tube and die cast aluminum.

Manfrotto assures a fast and effective after|sales support, including availability of spare parts for all of their products.

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All Manfrotto Lighting Products are covered by a Standard Limited Warranty (two years from the date of purchase) and eligible for a free Limited Conventional Warranty Extension for an additional three years - thus, up to five years' coverage from the date of purchase - upon Online Product Registration. Extended Warranty can be applied for here: Manfrotto Online Product Registration.