Freefly Freefly RTK GPS
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Freefly Freefly RTK GPS

Product code : FRE.910-00436

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Need centimeter-level accuracy for your Alta X? Freefly RTK GPS utilizes Real Time Kinematic (RTK) technology to enable pin-point location accuracy vertically and horizontally. 

RTK technology uses a pair of modules to increase positional accuracy. One module will be installed on your Alta X (Rover), and one will be stationary on the ground, connected to your ground station computer (Ground Station). The Ground Station module sends corrections to the Rover module to enable the high-precision location information. 

This kit comes with everything you need to install the module on the Alta X, a magnetic quick-release mount to install the ground module to your existing tripod, and a 3m USB A-C cable for easy connection to your ground station computer.

You can either have us install it when you order an Alta X (look for it in the build menu), or you can install it yourself if you already have an Alta X.


For RTK to function, you must use Alta Ground Control (on a ground station computer) with a long range radio telemetry link to the Alta X (such as the FRX Pro for Alta X).
If the Ground Station module is not active or linked with a long range radio system, the Alta will have standard GPS accuracy.
Early production modules will be 3D printed (MJF) before we switch over to molded parts. This doesn't impact performance or reliability. 
If your computer (MacBook Pro, etc) does not have USB A ports, you will need a USB A-C adapter. 

Qty 2 - RTK GPS modules (U-blox ZED-F9P)
Qty 2 - Multi-band RTK GPS antennas
Qty 3 - Bolt M3 x 16 SHCS (for mounting module to Alta X)
Qty 1 - Magnetic mounting kit with ¼ 20 interface (for tripod, etc) 
Qty 1 - USB Right Angle Type C to Type A (3m/9.84’)
Utilizes 2 RTK GPS modules (U-blox ZED-F9P); one for aircraft (“Rover”), the other for ground (“Base Station”)

Highest level GPS positional accuracy for Alta X

Multiband L1/L2 receiver

Includes IST8310 Magnetometer and BMP388 barometer, safety switch/LED and RGB LED

Compatible with AltaSW 1.3+, PX4 1.9+

Not compatible with Alta 8 Pro, Alta 8 or Alta 6.