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Since 1933 Clearprint has been at the forefront of American innovation and design. In the same year that it was introduced, Clearprint Vellum was used in developing the San|Francisco|Oakland Bay Bridge. Since then, it has been the standard substrate for engineering projects like the B|17 Flying Fortress that helped win World War II, and all six orbiter space shuttles operated by NASA. Today, Clearprint Vellum is the same 100% cotton paper that was developed back in 1933, and its application has expanded from drafting and engineering to countless fine art uses, such as oil, acrylic and watercolor painting, paint markers, pastel and charcoal work, inks, printmaking, graphite drawings, and three dimensional sculpture. Its uniquely delicate, transparent appearance is combined with an extremely durable construction that resists yellowing, cracking or ghosting, making it a remarkable alternative to traditional fine art papers.

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