Anton Bauer Plate Shark Fin 26VGld Mt Plus

Anton Bauer Plate Shark Fin 26VGld Mt Plus

Product code : ANT.8075-0254

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Anton Bauer 26V Shark Fin Plate (ARRI LF, 65, SXT) - Gold Mount Plus

Attaches two 26V batteries directly to the back of the ARRI Alexa LF, 65, and SXT cameras. Prioritized 2pin DC input to support block batteries with hot-swap backup and OLED screen for voltage information. Includes two regulated 15V P-Tap ports enabling Dionic 26V batteries to be swapped without the need to disconnect P--TAP powered accessory cables.

Shark Fin plate enables hot swapping between 26V batteries and also provide continued power when swapping out block-style batteries such as the Anton/Bauer VCLX.