Buy Amimon Video Products 

AMIMON develops and manufactures HD wireless video modules recognized as the standard solution of real time wireless video for the medical, pro camera and A/V installation and other markets. Its highly disruptive digital & RF semiconductor video modem technology addresses the stringent requirements of a “video cable replacement” and combines the high quality and low latency attribute of true cable connectivity with the endless advantages of wireless applications augmented by multicast and broadcast capabilities.

AMIMON is now shipping its new solutions based on its second generation SOC baseband links for universal connectivity with an external dedicated RF solution. The wide range of certified modules is incorporated in a variety of industrial OEM designs.

AMIMON based products for the professional, medical, film, TV and A/V installation markets support near zero latency providing HD wireless video connectivity and delivering unprecedented user experience. Combined with the bidirectional data communication they allow a complete “Remote Viewing and Control” close loop system.

Established in 2004, AMIMON is a privately held company with offices in Santa Clara, California, Israel, Tokyo, Taipei, and Shenzhen.