Tripods and Support

A Great Range of Professional Tripods Online

Camera tripods are an essential piece of equipment on any shoot. Without them, no amount of direction and well-designed lighting can compensate for the hand-held look. Professional tripods give the operator flexibility and allow them to move the camera intuitively and smoothly.

With more than four decades in supplying equipment to the Australian film industry, John Barry has the experience to help you find the right product – and that includes the best tripod and camera support for your needs. We have a range of camera tripods online to suit the various needs of camera operators on location.

We recommend that those who need to shoot in remote locations or are often on the move buy a lightweight tripod. These allow for easy transportation, lowering the effort and costs of moving your gear from shoot to shoot. We also have a range of tripod dollies, including Digidolly and the associated accessories, like stand-on plates. With thousands of products in our video department, it’s easy to stock up.

Our range of tripods and supports is complemented by a selection of support accessories, giving you greater production flexibility than ever before. Explore the accessories section and discover high end extension cables, remote control units, ground spreaders, utility aprons, camera plates, straps, and more.

If you’re unsure which camera tripod or support is right for you, contact one of our friendly staff. They’ll have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on the best tripod for your needs.