Kino Flo KF55 True Match Screw-Base LED Bulb
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Kino Flo KF55 True Match Screw-Base LED Bulb

Product code : KNO.08S-K50L-230

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Kino Flo KF55 True Match Screw-Base LED Bulb (230 VAC)


The 230 VAC KF55 True Match Screw-Base LED Bulb from Kino Flo is an 8W bulb with an E27 Edison base. It has a color temperature rating of 4600K and delivers 310° of light dispersion.


It gives a warm look of an incandescent with a more natural appearance to a household practical. Its classic bulb design casts a wide 310 degrees of light dispersion compared to other LED bulbs that only emit light from the top, thereby limiting the range of light. As with all Kino Flos, they are soft, energy efficient and cool to the touch.

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8 Watts
E27 Screw Base
4600K Color Temperature
700 Lumens
310° Light Dispersion
230 VAC
Base TypeE27
Beam Angle310°
Color Temperature4600K
Wattage8 W
AC Input Power230 VAC, 50 Hz
Maximum Overall Diameter (MOD)26.10 cm
Maximum Overall Length (MOL)10.16 cm
Accessories visible on product image are not included

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