Ignite Digi TB50 Battery to Movi Pro adapter (Lemo) Orange
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Ignite Digi TB50 Battery to Movi Pro adapter (Lemo) Orange


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$ 1,320.00
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Ignite Digi TB50 Battery Adapters are sold as a pair and allow you to power the MoVI Pro Gimbal with the longer-lasting DJI TB50 intelligent batteries.

TB50's are an alternative battery solution for the Freefly MoVI Pro gimbal. Our TB50 adaptors are sold as a pair and provide over double the run time of the standard MoVI Pro batteries! 

Our TB50 Lemo Version has additional power outputs for high draw accessories: such as the Tilta Nucleus-M, cForce motors, Preston MDRs, Rain Deflectors and Small HD 503/703 LCDs - avoiding the load issues that can occur via the MoVI Pro D-taps.

- Designed, Manufactured and Made in Australia by Ignite Digi

More than double your MoVI Pro gimbal run time!!!
Our Lemo version includes an unregulated Lemo 2 pin output on both plates. This enables unregulated 20-25.5V power for high draw accessories, direct from each battery.
Combine with our Power Expansion Pack for Movi Pro & upgrade to a range of regulated & hot-swappable power outputs. This combination will power any camera & accessory kit currently available.
Adapters slide and screw locks onto the MoVI Pro battery slots: no gimbal modification required.
Allows for unrestricted 360 roll mode because the batteries are mounted onto the gimbal & not the ring.
TB50s are smart batteries & self-discharge to protect the cells.
TB50s have built-in heaters that start warming the batteries when engaged to the plate. This feature optimises battery life & run times in cold conditions.
4 way and 8 way TB50 Battery Chargers are available from DJI.
Additional Power:

DJI TB50 battery: 98Wh per battery

MoVI Pro battery: 40Wh per battery

Lemo Version:

2 pin Lemo voltage and polarity:
20 - 25.5V Pin 1 - Pin 2 + 
Unregulated 20 - 25.5V direct from the battery via a 2 pin 0B Lemo socket (one on each plate).
To feed unregulated power down to the camera cage, use this cable.
DO NOT USE Lemo output with Media Blackout BreakerBatt or Teradek LT TX. 

Sold as a pair.
Additional Weight : 820 grams/ 1.8 pounds : 2 x adapters and 2 x TB50 batteries.

Machined from 6061-T651 aluminium and hard anodised for durability.

Designed, Manufactured and Made in Australia by Ignite Digi.