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Product code : SHA.C7KS

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We designed this complete solution specifically for the Canon C700 camera.The Top Handle and Top Plate are designed to give you a solid and comfortable grip for the manipulation of your Canon C700 camera. The handle grip frame is made from robust CNC machined aluminum and the finger grip is made from genuine Canadian maple wood for maximum comfort. You can quickly adjust and lock the handle length for an extension of approximately 7.62cm from its original position in order to optimize the balance of your camera to your lens type. You can strongly mount the plate at the top of your CANON C700 with 1/4-20 stainless screws. The Top Plate is also designed to easily attach the ‘SHAPE REVOLT TOP HANDLE’. The camera top plate is made from robust CNC Machined Aluminum and only weighs 0.25 kg (0.55 lb). The design also features a magnet compartment to store your Allen Key. Providing you with quick positioning of your camera accessories for an optimal adjustment of your camera’s center of gravity and weight distribution.Focal length is probably the most important factor when distinguishing one lens from another. Being able to adjust the height of your rod bloc to match your camera’s optical center is exactly what you can do with the REVOLT UNIVERSAL BASEPLATE.Two 15 mm lightweight rod blocs can be fixed to the front and rear of the Baseplate, allowing you to install more camera accessories. The REVOLT VCT UNIVERSAL BASEPLATE is built from robust components to prevent the plate from sliding, to secure the rods and to increase the strength of your rig.

The safety ratchet knobs are built in a way to apply an optimal pressure to the rods. The safety pins are located in strategic areas to maximize stabilization. Robust and easy to use, the safety pins prevent the upper plate from sliding.The shoulder Mount Support for the REVOLT produces maximum comfort and stability; thanks to its gel padding, its softness and ergonomic SHAPE, its thickness and slip-free material. Quick access to your extra screws and Allen Key can be a time saver, even more so, when you are in the middle of a shoot. The REVOLT is equipped with 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 threaded holes allowing extra screws to be stored. There is also a magnet at the back to attach your Allen Key.The black Telescopic Handles with ARRI Rosettes from SHAPE are left and right handgrips that can be attached to cameras and camera support hardware that has standard ARRI rosettes.Each arm features three points of articulation, combined with the approximately two inches of arm extension allowing you to adjust the arms for your comfort.

The arms attach to your camera or support via an ARRI compatible rosette with spring-loaded locking levers, which allow you to lock your arms in place without having a full 360° of rotation. SHAPE's unique push-button articulating joint provides additional articulation near the rosette, while a second push-button articulation joint allows you to rotate and precisely position the rubber handgrips. A second spring-loaded locking lever along the arms allows you to extend the arms up to two inches and rotate the handgrips throughout 360°. The arms are indexed for extension and rotation, so you can quickly move between known setups.Our Follow Focus Pro is perfect for use with film and cine-style lenses. It’s an industry workhorse and has already proven itself on countless tough shoots all over the world.The SHAPE MATTE BOX 4X5.6 is a 2-Stage Matte Box designed for light control and adjustment of filters. It is compatible with various photo lenses with at least 52 mm diameter, but can also fit professional video optics with up to 114 mm front diameter.


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    Extendable Top Handle
    • (1) One 15 mm Rod Clamp. Perfect to attach your View Finder to our revolutionary ‘Push Button Arm View Finder Bracket’.
    • (6) Six threaded holes to mount our Push Button Arm. Perfect to attach and manipulate more camera accessories.
    • (4) Four ¼-20 threaded holes (Front). Perfect for more attachment options.
    • (2) Two Hot Shoe Brackets (Front and Back of Handle).

    Top plate
    • Several ¼-20 threaded holes on top and side of the plate (Cheese Plate Style). 
    • Several 3/8-20 threaded holes on top and side of the plate (Cheese Plate Style).

    REVOLT Universal VCT Baseplate
    • Front to back sliding plate
    • Match your camera's optical center
    • Front & rear rod bloc
    • Safety pins and ratchet knobs
    • Soft & ergonomic shoulder mount
    • Sophisticated tool box
Accessories visible on product image are not included
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