LitePanels LP-Micro/Pro LED Light

LitePanels have become the leader of LED lighting and their little gem is the LP-Micro series of lights. It is ideally made for such cameras as ENG, Prosumer Cameras, DSLRs or any camera with a standard shoe mount. The LP-Micro takes four AA batteries which power it for 1.5 to 6 hours, there is also an intensity dial for complete output control, even after several hours of use, the panel is virtually heat free meaning it is easy to handle. The panel produces a cool 5600k temperature and can fit diffusion and colour gels which come in the kit. For more information, please contact our friendly John Barry Staff.

Rethinking the Fresnel for the 21st Century with the Litepanels SOLA 6


LED technology has taken over artificial commercial lighting in nearly all applications, from flashlights to car headlights and it no different in the professional film and photography industries either. Litepanels, one of the leading industry suppliers of lighting solutions for theatre, film and TV production, have introduced their revolutionary LED-based Sola 6 series that brings high performance free standing, eco-friendly, daylight balanced Fresnel lighting into the 21st century.
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Onboard lighting gets cool with Litepanels Sola ENG

Litepanels Sola ENG is the world’s first camera-mounted fresnel
Litepanels Sola ENG is the world’s first camera-mounted fresnel

Digital cameras have come a long way from the amateurish early days of the 90s to become the revered choice among professionals within the first decade of the 21st century. For a while camera accessories have been mere carry-overs from the film camera days but today, the use of LEDs that have revolutionized the lighting industry as a whole, has likewise propelled camera lighting accessories into the same high technology league as the digital cameras they support, both for video and stills. In terms of light power per unit weight and dollar, LEDs have transformed portable and studio lighting systems without the heat and power consumption of standard tungsten lighting solutions. One of the industry leaders in camera lighting solutions, Litepanels is the first to introduce digital lighting technology with its LED Sun Guns and now, an on-camera LED Fresnel.
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