Shooting Green Screen – Part 2; Lighting basics

Green screen material choice depends on a number of factors
Your choice of material depends on a number of factors

First, you need to decide on a green background material, Paper, Textile or Paint ?

Your choice will depend on a number of factors for the scene, however, all the above mentioned options designed for this purpose work well, as they are manufactured to provide the high luminance values and color saturation for keying effects, specifically produced for the digital video system.

Next you need to light your Green Screen. Generally, what you’re after is a large, diffused, light source that will wash over the screen evenly.

Frequently used light sources are 2 x Lowell Tota Lights, some people also use the Tota Light with umbrellas as reflectors, which offer a softer light or 2 x Red Heads, but it can be difficult to get that smooth even light.
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