Remote wireless video monitoring with the IDX CW-5HD Transmitter

The IDX-CW-5HD wireless video transmitter
The IDX CW-5HD offers an elegant and effective solution to monitor SD and HD video capture wirelessly

Directors and cinematographers would love nothing more than to see what camera operators capture in real time. That’s what video monitors do. Videographers often get bothered when their production bosses peer through the same eyepiece to establish camera shots. Video monitors for these people are the practical solution, whether for SD or HD shoots, but until recently, this can be difficult without wires feeding to these monitors from various cameras that directors simply switch between. Thanks to wireless MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) coupled with OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) technology, the IDX Cam Wave 5HD provides a wireless monitoring solution for directors.

The CW-5HD is an audio and video system consisting of a transmitter and receiver utilise license-free radio spectrum to allow wireless transmission of uncompressed SD or HD SDI video signals and two-channel embedded audio from the camera to the monitor screen. In addition, the system supports multiple video streams in different formats that include 1080i/23.98Psf with a signal latency rated at less than 1 ms which effectively translates to no noticeable latency. This enables directors and producers to remotely monitor in real time what the camera crew is seeing.

Multiple HD streams and a great range

The frequency spectrum uses the same 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands developed for the IEEE 802 local area networking standards but using the latest 802.11n iteration with MIMO/OFDM that can achieve the high data rates of up to 300 Mbps needed for multiple streams of HD video. The maximum raw data rate supported is 54 Mbps. Its network coverage has an effective range of up to 33 metres through walls and up to 50 metres of unimpeded line-of-sight.

Transmitter and Receiver

The CW-5HD transmitter and receiver units are less than 1kg each and have the same form factor finished in slate black adorned only by the IDX brand with its signature shades of blue and violet.

The transmitter mounts on the camera using a standard V-lock and includes the same mount for the batteries. Each unit draws just 12 watts of power while in use. The transmitter has a 5-position frequency selector for channels 1 to 4 and a 5th multichannel position. The transmitter has a high and low power switch to toggle between short and long transmission distances with an LED status indicator. On the other side are the HD SDI input and output jacks and a 4-pin 12-V DC port.

The receiver is much the same size but with no channel selector since it auto-senses the channel frequencies sent by the transmitter. It does have a uni/multi reception switch. It also has two HD SDI output jacks for connection to a display monitor.

Secured transmissions

Offering an elegant and effective solution to wirelessly monitor SD and HD video capture, the Cam-Wave leaves the camera operator unimpeded by the usual cables or annoying over-the-shoulder visits of the director. Using new WLAN standards, audio and video signal modulation and the latest advances in antenna technology, the CW-5HD can achieve data rates in excess of 1.243 Gbps without compression. Cinematographers get nothing less than high-definition video signals, embedded SDI audio, and very minimal latency at the highest resolutions that are indistinguishable from a wired monitoring system.

Standard and high def images are transmitted and received in either Unicast mode or Multicast mode for reception by multiple receivers simultaneously both using secure 256-bit encryption. That means that no “prying eyes” can steal data as the signal gets transmitted.

A multitude of uses

If you’re a director who wants close hands-on control of your projects, nothing beats the CW-5HD to see exactly what your camera operator sees with none of the cables between your monitor and the camera anywhere on the shooting lot. But the device can also be used in less creative works such CCTV deployment in high security areas where HD video and audio are required. OB broadcasts in sports stadiums are another ideal scenario where cables are impractical can also benefit from multiple installations that allow a central office to monitor and record the action from various angles using a feed console to switch between cameras.

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