Last longer with the IDX E-HL9 High Load Battery

IDX EHL9 High Load Battery
With 176 watts the IDX EHL9 can give you all the power you need for a whole day’s shoot

What do they say about batteries? They will die just when you need them the most. Well, that’s is true if you have no way of checking how much life is left in them. And in the world of mobile HD imaging where cameras rely on battery power, you need to know how much juice you have at any given time. That’s what the IDX E-HL9 High Load battery pack with Battery Power Management (BMS), PowerLink, Digi-View and V-mounting offers the in-field shooter.

Portable power to burn

Kawasaki-based IDX, one of the world’s leading makers of Lithium-ion battery systems, offers its exclusive PowerLink system that connects two 88-watt E-HL9 batteries for a total of 176 watts that can give you all the power you need for a whole day’s shoot. For its power, the E-HL9 at 740 grams is the lightest and the most affordable in its class. It outperforms all other competitors of similar rating in terms of sustained current drain. IDX use durable cell technology for impressive long life reliability that allows you to draw up to 10 amps. The E-HL9 provides a high loading capacity that delivers a whopping 50% higher discharge than other batteries in the IDX series.

There are two ways to check your battery status. There’s a 5-LED status indicator that accurately display the power capacity in 20% increments. There’s also support for Digi-View so you can instantly check how much gas is left in the tank at all times in the simplest way possible – right in your viewfinder.

Battery lifecycle management via your PC

With the E-HL9, you’ll never be caught out with a dead battery again. In addition to Digi-View and the 5-LED battery indicator either of which can provide instant power level verification, the E-HL9 comes with a Battery Management System (BMS sold separately), which can diagnose and provide a comprehensive review of the battery’s usage history that helps to increase its life span. You can access the compiled battery usage data via your PC and the comprehensive information provided is invaluable when managing these batteries.

Apart from its BMS, the E-HL9 comes with a battery protection circuit that secures the battery against common misuse and guards it against over charge, over discharge, and excessive current as well as exposure to extremes of temperatures. Considered one of the most environmentally friendly batteries on the market, it can operate at temperature extremes of -20 degrees up to a high of 45 degrees.

Mounting the battery on your camera is a breeze thanks to the standard V-Mount connection. There is also P-V2 and P-VS2 adaptor plates available separately which can recharge the batteries using an ENDURA sequential or simultaneous charger.

John Barry website special

The IDX E-HL9 battery is now available here on the John Barry website. Right now when you order online you get a great package deal that includes a pair of E-HL9 and a VL2Plus Charger all for just $1,395. You’d better hurry though as this offer is only valid until the end of October or until supplies last.

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