Some of the best camera accessories come from the Canadian-owned business Shape. Since 2007, Shape has released high quality handles, cages, battery mounts, and other accessories for camera operators. We sell many of their products right here at John Barry Sales. 

In fact, with so many great options from Shape, it can be hard to know how to choose the right options for your needs! 

Fear not. Our in-house experts got together to provide you with guidance on which Shape product is best for you. 

Exploring the Shape handle range

The camera handles created by Shape are some of the most popular products from the company. The handle you choose really depends on what size camera you are working with, and what your budget is. 

If you’re using a DSLR or smaller camera package, then the SHA.HAND5 is an affordable option that will likely do the job. The two-handle grip makes it easy to maintain stability, and it comes fixed to a 15mm rod block.

Need something that can handle a larger camera? For those using midsize to large camera packages, the HAND10 from Shape, which is attached via the Arri Rosette standard, is a solid choice. For something with a little more versatility, the SHA.HAND12 has the same capabilities as the HAND10, but it comes with extendable and rotatable handles for even more options on set.

If you’re working with an iPhone, then Shape has you covered with their VIPHO Vlogging kit. This telegraphic tripod allows you to mount the camera somewhere stable, or transforms into a grip so you can move the camera around without losing stability. Check out the version for tablets here

Exploring the Shape range of cages

Shape is also known for making high-quality cages and rigs. These products give you even more control and stability, and improve the ergonomics of using your favorite cameras to capture the perfect shot. 

No matter what brand you’re using, Shape has a cage for you. The company manufactures cages for Red, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic and Atomos brand equipment, just to name a few. 

Shape’s battery and charger options

Shape sells far more than just cages, handles and grips for your cameras. They also offer some of the best products on the market when it comes to camera batteries.

They carry V-mount batteries for cameras of all shapes and sizes, as well as lighting systems. Alternatively, they also offer gold mount batteries with similar options in terms of size, price, and accessories. 

If you are working with a camcorder style piece of equipment, Shape has you covered with their batteries for the Red Komodo, Canon C series or Sony BPU for F series cameras

Lastly, if you’re looking for new batteries for your monitors or audio equipment, the L Series batteries are a great choice.