Canon Debuts Its New Wunderkind, The C300 HD Camera

The Canon EOS C300 EF Mount body shown here with a CN-E85mm lens

Owning a quality Canon camera never fails to inspire and bring out the best in your shots, whether stills or video. On the 3rd of December in Hollywood, this famous Japanese brand raised the curtains on its all-new EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera line. Is it time for you to upgrade, now that it joins the ranks of high performance, high-resolution digital movie capable devices? Here at John Barry, we are certainly looking forward to its imminent release.
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Easy balanced audio into your DSLR with the Beachtek DXA-5DA


Using your high definition DSLR camera as a video recorder just received a boost with the addition of the Beachtek DXA-5DA two-channel balanced XLR audio router. Using stills cameras as videocams is rapidly on the rise, but the fact is many modern DSLR cameras are not really designed to capture studio-grade audio quality. There are no DSLR cameras with balanced XLR jacks to take in professional microphones and what you get is often mediocre audio signals.
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Technicolor CineStyle profile for Canon DSLR

The Technicolor CineStyle profile for Canon EOS DSLR cameras is available as a free download
The Technicolor CineStyle profile for Canon EOS DSLR cameras is available as a free download

Two iconic brands in the imaging industry, Technicolor and Canon, have struck a strategic partnership in developing an application suite of creative tools for videographers and cinematographers to enhance the integration of the Canon EOS DSLR platform into television and movie production. The partnership is marked with the launching of the Technicolor CineStyle, along with the Technicolor Digital Printer Lights to comprise the first set of imaging enhancement tools for the creative pipeline – from principal photography to editing projects shot or filmed using the Canon EOS DSLR line of cameras.
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DoF Viewer for iPad & iPhone

Aperature range can be adjusted in 1/3 f-stop increments
Figure 1

Users of Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad gadgets who want to get the most of the imaging features of their professional cameras should get the DoF Viewer v1.3, a universal application for all three gadgets.

Developed by French programmer Arnaud Kerchhoeve, the 3rd generation app is designed to run on iOS 4.0 gadgets or later and is available from the App Store. Taking up only 1.2 MB of executable storage space, DoF Viewer displays and calculates the depth of field (DoF) of any subject you plan to shoot with your camera. It also calculates the near and far focal boundaries for acceptable image sharpness along with the hyperfocal distance.
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