Shooting Green Screen – Part 2; Lighting basics

Green screen material choice depends on a number of factors
Your choice of material depends on a number of factors

First, you need to decide on a green background material, Paper, Textile or Paint ?

Your choice will depend on a number of factors for the scene, however, all the above mentioned options designed for this purpose work well, as they are manufactured to provide the high luminance values and color saturation for keying effects, specifically produced for the digital video system.

Next you need to light your Green Screen. Generally, what you’re after is a large, diffused, light source that will wash over the screen evenly.

Frequently used light sources are 2 x Lowell Tota Lights, some people also use the Tota Light with umbrellas as reflectors, which offer a softer light or 2 x Red Heads, but it can be difficult to get that smooth even light.
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Shooting Green Screen – Part 1; Selecting the screen material

You need to shoot a scene using green screen technique, but what screen options are available ?

Download the Colorama brochure

Background Paper

Colorama Paper 33

  • Available in standard roll size of 2.72m x 11m  Chroma Green or Blue
  • The advantage of using paper is it’s relatively inexpensive to purchase

Collapsible Backgrounds

Photoflex – Flexdrop2

The new improved 2-way stretch fabric is sturdier and virtually wrinkle-free, making for a smoother background. The FlexDrop®pops into shape and maintains a rigid flat surface that can be clamped or hung from a LiteStand, doorframe or leaned against a wall. The quick setup is great, but the time saved in post processing is remarkable because of the lack wrinkles.

The large, reversible FlexDrop®2 will provide you with the perfect backdrop for many digital photography or video uses. The 5×7 foot reversible fabric panel is a semi matte finish that does not reflect green or blue onto the back of your model or subject—and does not allow light to leak through. Great for shooting digital composites or drop-outs, or any shots where you want to control the background. Panel is guaranteed to open flat and folds down to 1/3 its size for storage in its own carry bag.
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